Burazile no Fumo no Daichi"Cerrado" Kaihatsu no Kiseki(The Miracle of the Development in the Cerrado, the Barren Land of Brazil)

Authors:  Yutaka Hongo, Akio Hosono
Publishing date: July 12, 2012
Publisher:  Diamond,Inc.
Language: Japanese
Number of pages: 252 pages
ISBN code  978-4-478-04300-4  


The Cerrado is a vast region of an expanse of tropical savanna in the mid-western part of Brazil. Once known as “the barren land,” the Cerrado was planted with crops like soybean and corn, and has transformed itself into one of the foremost breadbaskets in the world. This book introduces this miraculous agricultural development in Brazil.


JICA Visiting Senior Advisor Yutaka Hongo, one of the two authors of this book, has been the major Japanese contributor to the Cerrado development over the past 17 years. JICA-RI Director Akio Hosono, who is a co-author and JICA's leading expert on South American research, conducted a field survey of the Cerrado with Mr. Hongo.


This book begins with a comparison of the Cerrado before and after the “miracle,” and reflects the painstaking work of the dedicated pioneers in Cerrado agriculture, as well as the details of PRODECER (the Japan-Brazil Agricultural Development Cooperation Program). It also analyses an impact of this long-term project on regional development, focusing on its significance in the economic development and the features of the development strategy in Brazil.


The Cerrado agricultural development, which has been credited with acquiring Brazil’s “Green Revolution,” deserves to be globally known. This book is published in the hope that it will provide subjects of discussion about the role played by Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) and agendas including the stable food supply.


This is the fifth volume of JICA-RI’s “Project History” series. Please check the following website for the four previously published volumes.


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(This book is available only in Japanese.)