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Growth is Dead, Long Live Growth: The Quality of Economic Growth and Why it Matters

Growth is Dead, Long Live Growth: The Quality of Economic Growth and Why it Matters

Editor: Lawrence Haddad, Hiroshi Kato, Nicolas Meisel
The date of publication: January 2015
Language: English
Number of pages: 340 pages


What growth do we mean by the most desirable development? How can we advance the growth for achieving its aims? The JICA Research Institute has been conducting joint research on the quality of growth since 2012 in collaboration with the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) . The book is the outcome of a series of joint research activities.


As the signs of negative impact of global climate change are becoming evident, and especially in the aftermath of the global economic turndown, societies had a choice --- either reframe their definition of growth, or try to pursue it, growth as we have known it for many decades.


There are many issues around policy debates on the quality of growth: job creation, equality, inclusiveness, the promotion of the resilience of growth and etc. What are the dimensions of growth quality we should most care about? How to measure such qualities? The book, a collection of papers represents an effort of the researchers of the three institutions, AFD, IDS, and JICA to contribute to the deepening and widening of international debate on such issues.




pdfFull version_Growth is Dead, Long Live Growth: The Quality of Economic Growth and Why it Matters(pdf 5.3 MB)

pdfForeword(pdf 494.7 KB)

pdfPreface(pdf 114.2 KB)

pdfList of Contributors(pdf 304.3 KB)

pdfIntroduction_Growth is Dead, Long Live Growth The Quality of Economic Growth and Why It Matters(pdf 281.4 KB)

Part I Growth: A Path towards Abundance or Depletion?
pdfChapter1_What is the Quality of Growth?(pdf 430.4 KB)

Part II The 20th Century Concept of Growth and Its Deliverables
pdfChapter2_Poor Trends: The Pace of Poverty Reduction after the Millennium Development Agenda(pdf 475.1 KB)

pdfChapter3_Chronic Poverty in Rural Cambodia:Quality of Growth for Whom?(pdf 524.6 KB)

pdfChapter4_Does the Quality of Income Growth Affect Child Nutrition Status?(pdf 322.6 KB)

pdfChapter5_Disability and Growth Elasticity of Poverty in a Developing Country(pdf 446.2 KB)

Part III Different Growth, Different Outcomes in Sustainability, Inclusiveness, and Resilience
pdfChapter6_Reflections on the Prospects for Pro-Poor Low-Carbon Growth(pdf 432.9 KB)

pdfChapter7_Structural Transformation, the Quality of Growth and Employment Outcomes(pdf 814.5 KB)

pdfChapter8_The Elusive Quest for Inclusive Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Regional Challenges and Policy Options(pdf 813.1 KB)

pdfChapter9_What are the Macroeconomic Impacts of Natural Disasters? - The Impacts of Natural Disasters on the Growth Rate of Gross Prefectural Domestic Product in Japan(pdf 1.0 MB)

Part IV Multiple Paths towards Quality Growth
pdfChapter10_Industrial Transformation and Quality of Growth(pdf 736.4 KB)

pdfChapter11_The Governance of Natural Resource Wealth: Some Political Economy Considerations on Enhancing Social Investment(pdf 465.1 KB)

pdfIndex(pdf 186.6 KB)